Edson Charcoal BBQ Army Green 47.5x90 Cm
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Edson Charcoal BBQ Army Green 47.5x90 Cm
Edson Charcoal BBQ Army Green 47.5x90 Cm
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Product description

The Edson charcoal BBQ not only looks beautiful, but this model also conjures up the most delicious barbecue preparations in no time! This charcoal barbecue is very easy to light with the help of a Barbecook charcoal starter. This model has a large round cooking grill made of enameled steel which can be placed in 2 different positions. This allows you to easily determine the intensity/temperature at which you want to grill. The Edson charcoal barbecue has rubber feet so you can easily place it on your terrace. This way, you don't have to worry about rust stains. Before or after your BBQ party you can transform the Edson into a real party table!

How does it work
The Edson charcoal barbecue is very easy to light thanks to the Barbecook charcoal starter. Place a few lighter cubes on your bottom grid and put the charcoal starter on it. Pour the starter full of charcoal. Then light the lighter cubes through one of the holes on the side of the charcoal starter. Now hot air will be dispersed through your charcoal. As soon as there is a layer of gray ash on the charcoal you can pour the coals into the bowl. Then add some extra charcoal or a few briquettes until the bowl is about 50% full. Let’s grill!

How to Clean
After the barbecue party, it is important to clean your Edson charcoal BBQ for the next use. First let the appliance cool down completely. When you remove the bottom grid, you will see that the Edson charcoal BBQ is equipped with an ash container. In this you wipe all ash and other remnants. Then you can remove the ash container and pour it into a bucket. Always thoroughly clean the cooking grill of your charcoal barbecue as well. Once the cleaning is done, put the lid on top of your Edson charcoal BBQ and store it (with cover) in a dry, well-ventilated room.

• Easy assembly.
• Adjustable grill - 2 positions.
• Ash container included.
• Feet that prevent rust stains on your patio.
• Can be used as a party table.
• Galvanized Steel Lid included.
• Cooking Diameter: Ø 47.5 cm (Enough to serve 10 guests)
grill design
cooking area size
Medium (10-15 Burgers)
cooking area width
45 to 54 cm
grill body material
grill grate material
Removable Ash Catcher
Non-Stick Grates
Made in
About the brand
Did you know that Barbecook is more than just a barbecue brand? It’s your partner in creating good times. From the first sketch to the final details, Barbecook creates products that help you celebrate every moment in life. Whether it’s winter or summer, in the city or on the countryside, with a bunch of friends, with family or as a couple, Barbecook is thé Belgian barbecue brand that brings people together.
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