Loewy 55 Charcoal BBQ Made Of Enamel Black 55x33x101 cm
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Loewy 55 Charcoal BBQ Made Of Enamel Black 55x33x101 Cm
Loewy 55 Charcoal BBQ Made Of Enamel Black 55x33x101 cm
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Product description
The Loewy 55 has a black look and is made of enameled steel. This charcoal BBQ has both the QuickStart® system and the QuickStop system.
Thanks to the QuickStart® system of the Loewy 55 charcoal barbecue, lighting this type of BBQ is a piece of cake. With just a few sheets of newspaper and the right techniques, the job is done in no time. Once the Loewy 55 charcoal barbecue is on, the grilling can begin. Intense or soft? It's all possible thanks to the grid which can be placed at three different heights. Moreover, the adjustable air supply at the bottom of the charcoal BBQ allows you to maintain optimum control over your fire. Are you bothered by the wind? No problem, the Loewy 55 charcoal barbecue has a windshield. Furthermore, this charcoal barbecue also has a stainless steel cooking grill, extremely durable and very easy to maintain!

How does it work
Remove the bottom grid and insert three rolled-up torches of newspaper into the lighting pipe. Then replace the bottom grid and place a pile of charcoal or briquettes in the barbecue tub. Create sufficient air circulation using the adjustable air supply at the bottom of your Loewy 55 charcoal BBQ. Light the newspaper with a match or lighter through one of the two holes at the bottom. After about 15 minutes, the charcoals/briquettes will glow. Throw some extra charcoal or briquettes into the barbecue bowl, until it is half full. Wait until all the charcoals/briquettes are white/hot. Now you're ready to get started with your Loewy 55 charcoal barbecue! As the name suggests, the QuickStop system is a technique you use at the end of your barbecue session. You fill the base of your Loewy 55 charcoal BBQ with water before you start barbecuing. At the end of the grilling session, remove the bottom grid from the barbecue bowl with a tong and wipe the smoldering coals into the tube of your charcoal BBQ. These fall down, to the base, where they are extinguished by the water. When your Loewy 55 charcoal barbecue has cooled down completely, empty the foot. Good riddance!

• Intense or gentle grilling with the height-adjustable grill with 3 levels.
• Adjustable air supply for perfect control of the fire.
• Windshield included.
• Stainless steel grid.
• Has a QuickStart® and QuickStop system.
• Ash container included.
• Solid brace for safety and accessories included.
• Grill Surface Area: 55x33 cm (Enough servings for 10 People)
• Size Dimensions: 59.8Lx35.4Wx101H cm
grill design
cooking area size
Medium (10-15 Burgers)
cooking area width
55 to 64 cm
grill body material
Stainless Steel
grill grate material
Stainless Steel
Removable Ash Catcher
Non-Stick Grates
Windshield Included
Height Adjustable
Made in
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