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Mellow Velvet Chaise Sectional Sofa White
4,700 AED
6,599 AED
Elegant Metal LED Desk Lamp 12x46
399 AED
498 AED
Michelline Nordic Sofa with Chaise Gray
4,899 AED
6,969 AED
Grace Modern Velvet 3-Seater Couch Curved Sofa
3,099 AED
3,999 AED
Adjustable Arm Bedside Table Lamp
319 AED
398 AED
GG U-Shaped White Boucle Sofa
8,899 AED
11,199 AED
3-Seater The Jones Modular Sofa
5,300 AED
6,499 AED
Modern LED Ceiling Pendant Light for Bedroom, Restaurant, Bar, Living Room or Dining Room, Toughened Glass & Iron ( 1 Lamp)
199 AED
248 AED
Delicate Murano Glass Table Lamp 18 cm
319 AED
398 AED
3-Seater Michelin Sofa
3,999 AED
5,699 AED
Emilly Modern White Velvet 3-Seater Luxurious Sofa
4,000 AED
4,399 AED
Adjustable Angle LED Pole Design Floor Lamp With Wooden Shelf 35x113
759 AED
948 AED
Zoe Modern Dark Gray 3-Seater Sofa
5,800 AED
6,599 AED
Meme White Boucle Curved 2 Seater Sofa
3,100 AED
4,399 AED
Coco Cloud Modular 3-Seater Sofa Velvet
2,999 AED
3,499 AED
Heart Velvet Curved Orange Loveseat
2,799 AED
3,499 AED
Tais L-Shaped Sofa Aseel
5,100 AED
6,699 AED
Aakil Modern L-Sectional Sofa with Chaise
4,600 AED
5,299 AED
Nata Blue Velvet Luxury Sofa Solid Wood Frame with Gold Legs
4,300 AED
5,399 AED
Sajed 77 3-Seater Couch
2,999 AED
3,799 AED
Karmel Modern White Boucle 3-Seater Sofa with Side Storage
4,300 AED
5,299 AED
Florie Luxury Vertical Channel Velvet Sofa in Blue
3,500 AED
3,999 AED
Gold Corner 6-Seater Sofa Deep Blue
5,299 AED
7,499 AED
Ethan Faux Leather 3-Seater Sofa Mid-Century Couch White
4,989 AED
5,699 AED
Cyrill Modern Green Velvet 3-Seater Sofa
3,200 AED
3,799 AED
Feker Modern White 3 Seater Deep Sofa
5,399 AED
6,399 AED
Zara Modern Faux Leather 3-Seater Sofa
3,699 AED
4,199 AED
L-Shape Left Hand Anton Sofa
5,199 AED
7,799 AED
Brody Leather 3-Seater Sofa
4,600 AED
5,299 AED
5-Seater Sloane Curved Gray Sectional Sofa
5,999 AED
6,799 AED
Bezzy Velvet 3-Seater Sofa Gold Stainless Steel
3,099 AED
3,899 AED
Loula Gray 3-Seater Sofa
4,399 AED
5,099 AED
L-Shape Right Hand Anton Sofa
5,199 AED
7,799 AED
4-Piece Tigi 22 Modern Sofa Light Gray Velvet
4,499 AED
5,299 AED
6-Seater L-Shaped Fiji Sofa
6,200 AED
8,000 AED
Bowknot Loveseat Velvet Sofa in Gold Legs
1,299 AED
1,999 AED
Avani L-Shaped Modern Sectional Sofa
4,899 AED
6,499 AED
Orange Light L-Shaped Sofa
4,900 AED
5,599 AED
5-Seater Jasper Corner Sectional Sofa White
4,899 AED
6,899 AED
4-Seater Aseel Aniston Sofa
6,300 AED
7,700 AED
Outdoor Furniture Deals
Daddy Cool Green Lime Stripes Swimming Pool Floating Bean Bag Extra Large Couch 130×110x40
1,155 AED
1,540 AED
Manhattan White 5-Seater Sofa Set Aluminum Frame with Teak Sides and Synthetic Fiber Seat & Back Cushions
9,800 AED
10,888 AED
Dandy Charcoal Aluminum Single Seater Sofa with Footrest & Headrest with Synthetic Fiber Seat and Back Cushions
2,968 AED
3,297 AED
Orlando 4-Seater Lounge Sofa Set with Coffee Table Aluminum Frame with Synthetic Fiber Seat and Back Cushions
11,148 AED
12,386 AED
Bob Bordeaux XL High Loop Rechargeable Outdoor LED Floor Lamp Aluminum Frame with PE Diffuser & USB Charging Cable 32x29x72
672 AED
747 AED
Deck Slim 6-Seater Lounge Sofa Set with Armrest White Aluminum and Teak Frame Covered With Rope Synthetic Fiber Seat and Back Cushions
14,861 AED
16,512 AED
Jecoco Teak Sunbed with Rope Gray 200x73x55
1,699 AED
3,398 AED
Naples Rectangle Bar Table & Stool Set Anthracite Aluminum Frame Covered in Flat Rope and Rustic Teak Top
7,050 AED
7,833 AED
Beams White Rechargeable Outdoor Aluminum LED Floor Lamp With Solar Panel & 2m USB Charging Cable 14.7x14.7x32.8
454 AED
504 AED
Cocoon Green 7-Seater Outdoor Modular Sofa Set with Coffee & Side Table Taupe Aluminum Frame with Rattan and Teak Legs with Synthetic Fiber Seat and Back Cushions
27,163 AED
30,181 AED
Teak Rustic Gray Square Dining Table with Light Gray Dining Armchair With Cushion Seat
8,627 AED
9,585 AED
Bob Bordeaux Large Top Loop Rechargeable Outdoor LED Floor Lamp Aluminum Frame with PE Diffuser & USB Charging Cable 24x24x148
870 AED
967 AED
June Green L-Shaped 6-Seater Modular Lounge Sofa Set Charcoal Aluminum Frame Covered in Ropes with Synthetic Fiber Seat and Back Cushions
10,968 AED
12,186 AED
Children's Picnic Table
2,799 AED
5,598 AED
Woodplay Jungle Swinger
5,199 AED
10,398 AED
Comfy Rattan Lounger & Stool
1,499 AED
2,299 AED
Elegant Branch Bar Set (Table & 4 Chairs)
2,199 AED
3,999 AED
Ambar Corcega Taupe 3-Seater Sofa with 3 Round Nesting Tables
6,221 AED
8,295 AED
Flat Box Coffee Set (Table & 4 Stools)
2,999 AED
4,499 AED
Carribean 4-Seater Sofa Set
3,799 AED
6,499 AED
Wooden Toy Chest
2,799 AED
5,597 AED
Paradiso Nime Set 6 Piece Extendable Table Dining Set
2,499 AED
4,998 AED
Pataya Elegant Outdoor 5-Seater Sofa Set
5,999 AED
10,499 AED
Ovni Teak Stool 35x35x40
349 AED
469 AED
Octopea Teak Stool 37x37x45
399 AED
499 AED
Nanny Bob Upholstered Stool 36x36x45
399 AED
599 AED
Swin Aluminum & PVC Square Dining Table Brown & Gray
659 AED
1,317 AED
Swin Carbon Steel 6-Seater Rectangle Dining Table
739 AED
1,477 AED
Swin Carbon Steel 4-Seater Square Dining Table
589 AED
1,177 AED
Outdoor Patio 5 Seater Aluminum Sofa Set with Table Gray
2,299 AED
4,598 AED
Ambar Bali 4-Seater Sofa Set Aluminium Frame with Rectangle Coffee Table and Square Side Table
11,334 AED
15,112 AED
Ambar Bali 6-Seater Sofa Set Aluminium Frame with Rectangle Coffee Table and Square Side Table
15,152 AED
20,202 AED
Ambar Corcega Taupe 4-Seater Sofa Set with 3 Round Nesting Tables
8,834 AED
11,779 AED
Ambar Corcega Taupe 5-Seater Sofa Set (without Coffee Table)
8,129 AED
10,838 AED
Ambar Corcega Taupe 6-Seater Sofa Set (without Coffee Table)
9,377 AED
12,503 AED
Ambar Corcega Taupe Modular Sofa Set Aluminum Frame Covered in Rope Fiber with 3 Round Nesting Tables
10,932 AED
14,576 AED
Ambar Corcega White 5-Seater Sofa Set with 3 Round Nesting Tables
10,017 AED
13,355 AED
Ambar Corcega White 6-Seater Sofa Set with 3 Round Nesting Tables
11,265 AED
15,020 AED
Ambar Dubai Manganese 4-Seater Sofa Aluminum Frame Covered in Rope Fiber with Rectangle Coffee Table
7,718 AED
10,290 AED
Ambar Dubai Manganese 5-Seater Sofa Aluminum Frame Covered in Rope Fiber with Rectangle Coffee Table
8,917 AED
11,889 AED
Heating Cooling & Air Quality
Explore the realm of home comfort with our Cooling, Heating, and Air Quality collection. 
Dive into the warmth of electric heaters crafted by renowned European brands with decades of experience. 

These heaters not only provide cozy warmth but also mimic the mesmerizing dance of real flames. 
Choose from a spectrum of optional flame colors and effortlessly adjust flame intensity through a remote control, user-friendly app, or manual control. 

Safety is paramount, which is why our heaters feature protective safety glass, ensuring peace of mind as you embrace a cozy atmosphere in your home.