We are Khashabeesta, a unique handmade wood concept store, that combines the raw nature of 100% teak wood with the functionality of everyday life. All our pieces are consciously curated with the least possible impact on the planet because sustainability is our number one priority. We aim to help our customers fill their homes and gardens with beautiful and unique pieces that bring nature into their lives.
71 Results
71 Results
Comfy Rattan Lounger & Stool
1,499 AED
2,299 AED
Elegant Branch Bar Set (Table & 4 Chairs)
2,199 AED
3,999 AED
Flat Box Coffee Set (Table & 4 Stools)
2,999 AED
4,499 AED
Carribean 4-Seater Sofa Set
3,799 AED
6,499 AED
Pataya Elegant Outdoor 5-Seater Sofa Set
5,999 AED
10,499 AED
Ovni Teak Stool 35x35x40
349 AED
469 AED
Octopea Teak Stool 37x37x45
399 AED
499 AED
Nanny Bob Upholstered Stool 36x36x45
399 AED
599 AED
Aksa Corner Coffee Table 100x80x51
1,299 AED
Aksa Double Seater 130x82x76
2,299 AED
Aksa Single Seater 71x82x76
1,499 AED
Apolo 4-Seater Set (4 Chairs & Tables)
4,999 AED
Bali Teak Wood Mirror 125x75x8
1,000 AED
Bamboo Macrame Dream Catcher
149 AED
Beside Me Bench 120x80x50
1,699 AED
Bojo Teak Stool 35x35x45
499 AED
Branch Brunch Set (Table & 4 Stools)
3,199 AED
4,799 AED
Bubble 4-Seater Sofa Set Brown
5,199 AED
Bungo TV Stand 150x45x55
2,399 AED
Celestial 2-Seater Corner Set
2,999 AED
Celestial Teak Table 70x48x85
1,999 AED
Cowrie Napkin Ring
49 AED
Denali Coffee Table 130x80x45
2,299 AED
Double Teak Planters 25x25x35
449 AED
Feather Macrame Dream Catcher
149 AED
Fossil Coffee Table 120x60x50
1,199 AED
Kaori Teak Wood Mirror 40x40x5
369 AED
Katana Dining Set (Table & 4 Stools)
2,999 AED
Knitted Raffia Floor Mat 120cm Round
499 AED
Knitted Raffia Floor Mat 150cm Round
649 AED
Knitted Raffia Floor Mat 120x67cm
399 AED
Koki Side Tables Set of 3
849 AED
1,499 AED
Konan Teak Wood Mirror 100x55x7
599 AED
Leaf Teak Outdoor Dining Set (Table & 4 Stools)
3,299 AED
Lucky Coin Wall Décor 40x40
349 AED
Macrame Eye Dream Catcher
149 AED
Mandala Motif Cotton Rug 160 cm Round
749 AED
Mushroom Coffee Corner Teak Wood Table 70x70x75
899 AED
Mushroom Coffee Set (Table & 2 Stools)
1,699 AED
Mushroom Dining Set (Table & 4 Stools)
2,519 AED
4,052 AED
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