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Solo Stove has been making high-end wood-burning camp stoves and fire pits since 2011. Our products have been tested in the deserts of Jordan by Backpacker Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Dennis Lewon, and pushed to the limits in the hands of survivalists like Matt Graham (Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival) and Joel Lambert (Discovery Channel’s Lone Target). We’ve won numerous awards including gear of the year awards from 50 Campfires and Section Hiker. But what we’re most proud of is being a part of people’s outdoor adventures. We love the outdoors and we do what we do because making gear that helps people get outside and spend time together is meaningful to us. In today’s busy hustle and bustle lifestyle, we feel there is an ever-increasing need for more of this. We realize that even though people want to get outdoors together, it’s not easy. Not everyone has time to go on an extended multi-day backpacking or camp trip with friends or family. That’s why we’re making fire pits for your homes too. We’re making it easier for you to enjoy the best part of an outdoor adventure in your own backyard – a spectacular Bonfire! We’ve engineered Solo Stove to be the ultimate backyard fire pit. But meticulous engineering isn’t what’s most important. What’s most important is how easy it will now be to head outside and enjoy the roaring glow of a Bonfire and the company of friends and family. Solo Stove will always focus on making innovative gear that will just work. We hope that our gear will be a part of how you reconnect to what really matters.
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17 Results
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