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Creative Living
Creative Living Middle East is the in-house brand of Creative Living Manufacturing (est.1991). Our offices are based in America, Australia, Dubai, England and South Africa – employing over 1000 people. Our extensive range of patio furniture is designed in Europe, and has been hand crafted in our Hangzhou & Lianyuan factories to ensure the quality of our products are not compromised. Our staff have diligently handcrafted each piece of furniture– from the frames to the weaving of each wicker chair and table. In Middle East.
59 Results
59 Results
Oslo Aluminum Textilene 4-Seat Lounge Sofa Set W-Cushions
2,999 AED
5,998 AED
Amalfi Aluminum Bistro Set White
1,599 AED
3,198 AED
Palm Aluminum Textilene Sun Lounger W-Cushions
1,499 AED
2,998 AED
Blue 7-Seater Aluminum Sofa Set
6,999 AED
13,998 AED
Monaco Aluminum 7-Seat Lounge Sofa Set W-Cushions
6,299 AED
12,598 AED
Aluminum Dining Armchair with Teak Armrest 57x46x90
249 AED
498 AED
Cape Aluminum Corner Sofa Set W-Cushions
5,499 AED
10,998 AED
Delta 7-Seater Sofa Set White
6,499 AED
12,998 AED
Mini Corner Sofa Aluminum Frame with Innovative Lift Table Beige
2,399 AED
4,798 AED
Palm Aluminum 8-Seat Dining Bench Set White
4,500 AED
8,999 AED
Aluminum and Rope Dining Armchair with Seat & Back Cushions
449 AED
Amalfi Aluminum Bistro Set Gray
1,699 AED
Delta Aluminium Reclining Sun Lounger W-Cushion
1,199 AED
Palm Aluminum 8-Seat Bar Set White
4,899 AED
Oslo 7-Seater Aluminum Textilene Lounge Sofa Set W-Cushions
5,999 AED
Grace Rope 7-Seater Aluminum Sofa Set W-Cushions
5,699 AED
Palm Aluminum Dining Bench Set White
4,499 AED
Amalfi Aluminum Basic White
2,879 AED
Amalfi Aluminum Bistro Set With Lift Table White
2,099 AED
Oslo Aluminum Textilene 4-Seat Dining Set W-Cushions
3,299 AED
Oslo Aluminum Textilene 6-Seat Dining Set W-Cushions
4,299 AED
New York Aluminum 6-Seat Dining Set W-Cushions
4,899 AED
Palermo Steel 7-Seat Lounge Sofa Set W-Cushions
4,999 AED
Palm Aluminum Sun Loungers 2 Piece Set White
2,199 AED
Palm Aluminum Sun Loungers 2 Piece Set Grey
2,199 AED
Madrid Aluminum 7-Seater Sofa Set White
6,699 AED
Amalfi Aluminum 6-Seat Bar Set Grey
4,999 AED
Amalfi Aluminum 6-Seat Bench Dark Grey
4,799 AED
Grace Aluminum 5-Seat Sofa Set W-Cushions
3,799 AED
4-Seater Rattan Sofa Set Dark Gray
1,299 AED
7-Seater Brushed-Wood Like Aluminum Corner Sofa
6,999 AED
Aluminum Dining Armchair 61x59x94
349 AED
Delta L-Shaped Aluminum Sofa Set with Table & 2 Ottomans Taupe Cushions
4,199 AED
L-Shaped Aluminum & Rope Sofa Set with High Table & 2 Ottomans
5,499 AED
Creative Living 6-Seater Aluminum Sofa Set with Coffee Table Beige Cushions
4,499 AED
Palm Aluminum 6-Seat Dining Set White
3,299 AED
Cape Aluminum 4-Seat High Table & Chair Set W-Cushions
3,599 AED
Cape Aluminum 6-Seat High Table & Chair Set W-Cushions
4,599 AED
Palm Aluminum Textilene Sun Lounger
949 AED
L-Shaped Delta Sofa Set with Lift Table Gray
6,000 AED
6,499 AED
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